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Smooth Skin


Tip # 24 

It’s the Rough Spots That Get Our Attention 

from Clipart.com

Have you ever had the dog jump on your unmade bed after he’s been rolling in sand or dirt? If you forget to change the sheets, you immediately remember when you crawl sleepily into your bed that night. Instantly, your body cringes because with all the sand and grit, it’s all the rough spots that get our attention. There’s just no way to get comfortable.

It may seem silly to ask, but how are your spouse’s elbows, knees, heels, or hands? Do they tug against the sheets so that little flecks of dried skin make a scraping sound against the sheets? Do they feel like the dog’s sand and grit against your smooth skin?

Buy a pumice and some good quality lotion and see if your spouse will use it; better yet, make it a ritual and you use it on your spouse’s rough spots. Oh, but don’t forget, you are a spouse, too, so how are your own dried skin places?

And, please, don’t ever be guilty of making your spouse yell at you to get those toenails trimmed! Yes, it’s all about the rough spots. Smooth them over.

~ Glenda (gj)   www.wordwardrobe.com   or  www.glendaschoonmaker.com 

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