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Thoughtful Gestures for Mornings


Tip # 21 

Someone Has to Get Up First 

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One of you is probably first to get up most mornings. If you are the one who gets up first, take some coffee or juice or beverage of choice to your spouse for when that person wakes. Think about ideas for thoughtful gestures in the mornings for your spouse.

If you usually get up later than your spouse, have the coffee or tea (again, whatever you drink in the morning) prepared the night before so that a timer starts the brewing process. If you don’t use an automatic timer, simplify things by setting aside pre-measured amounts to speed the morning ritual.

It makes those early morning routines so much nicer, and makes the earliest rising spouse feel appreciated by having it done.

It’s easy yet thoughtful gestures like this that help make your marriage partner feel special.


~ Glenda  (gj)   www.wordwardrobe.com   or www.glendaschoonmaker.com

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