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Learn New Things about Each Other


Tip # 18 

Start Talking More

Talking about what? You’ve already talked about everything you can think of. You’ve known each other so long there’s nothing else to know. How can you learn new things about your spouse?

Communication is vital to having a good relationship. The better the relationship, the better the marriage, and the more fun you will have.  

If your conversations are a little lacking or all you talk about is the electric bill or the kids’ soccer games, or how did the red sock get in the wash with white shirts, then try some pre-planned conversation starters.  

Make a list of questions you don’t know about your spouse. (Be careful not to ask things too sensitive. If you aren’t adept at communicating, then you probably shouldn’t broach areas that might be uncomfortable–yet.)  

Write open-ended questions out on small cards for each of you to draw one card. You each have to answer the same question.  

Topics could be things like:  

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  • Tell me about the first time you went to the dentist.
  • What was your first pet like and how did you get it?
  • What did your bedroom look like when you were in elementary school?
  • What was the most embarrassing thing you ever did?
  • What games did you play when you were 6, 7, or 8 years old?
  • What scary movies did you see when you were young? Did you keep your eyes open? Did you have nightmares afterward?
  • What did you absolutely love to watch on TV when you were young?
  • What was your favorite outfit to wear when you were young? Did you wear it day after day?
  • What were your junior high years like in school?
  • What super hero did you pretend to be when you were growing up? What did you wear to look like that super hero?
  • Who was the teacher you least liked and why?

Be patient. Don’t interrupt to tell your story. Maybe you’ll share your story the next night because the question got the conversation flowing so much. The important thing is that you are talking about things of interest.

~ Glenda (gj)  www.wordwardrobe.com  or www.glendaschoonmaker.com 

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