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Who’s Your BFF?


Tip # 17 

Who’s Your Best Friend Forever? 

If you want to spend a fun day with someone, who would you chose?

Is your spouse’s name first, third, tenth, or last on your list of choices? Who’s your BFF (best friend forever)?

We all should have best friends, but our spouse’s name should be right at the top of our list of best friends (BFF).

Here’s another question: how much of your planned enjoyment time is spent with other people? How much planned enjoyment time is spent with your spouse? Getting ready for the day in the morning doesn’t count as quality time together.

Is your only “quality” time with your spouse spent in going out for a meal together?

What if you were stranded on a deserted island for 6 months with only your spouse? Would you still be BFF or would you be the only survivor at the end of 6 months?

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