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Manners Are Still Important


Tip # 15 

Wilma Dean, Go Get Me a Cup of Coffee 

What’s wrong with that statement?  

In grammar it’s called a command. In basic, human, everyday conversation, it’s still called a command.  

from Clipart.com

Is this anyway you should “ask” your spouse to get you a cup of coffee or anything, for that matter? Manners are important with not only friends but spouses, too. 

Sometimes we hardly realize we speak in such a commanding way to our spouses. Things like this can become habit—and the person jumps up to get the coffee—out of habit. 

Some spouses intentionally talk this way to impress others that they are master of the house.   

Listen to your own voice and the words you use when you ask your spouse to do something for you. Probably you aren’t as guilty as the person in this scenario, but you may be just as guilty in some other small way. Be kind to your spouse!  

Would you order a friend to go get you a cup of coffee? No, I didn’t think so. Your spouse deserves better treatment from you than your best friend does.  

If you don’t get it for yourself, then try “asking” next time–leave the commanding tone for training your dog.  

(The name has been changed in this scenario to protect the guilty party and to protect the hapless person who always jumps up to get the coffee.)  

~ Glenda (gj)  www.wordwardrobe.com  or www.glendaschoonmaker.com 


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