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Plan Spontaneous Things for Your Spouse


Tip # 5 

Make Plans to Be Spontaneous–Do Those Two Words Go Together?

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It can take a little planning to have the ability to do things spontaneously. Also, you might do the planning, and it’s completely spontaneous and unknown to your spouse.  

Treat your spouse to a surprise picnic. It takes some advance planning, but that’s what makes it fun. It makes it especially fun to have a real basket with matching plates and utensils and such, but those things aren’t required. If you don’t have a basket to use, try to get a colorful, large gift bag to put your picnic things in. That shows you went to some extra work to help give the picnic some pizzazz. However, a laundry basket will even do to put the picnic things in–this really is a case of “it’s the thought that counts” when you plan spontaneous things for your spouse. 

If you are having your picnic outdoors on a public table, have something to put over the table (a colorful piece of fabric will do) so that you aren’t eating on a surface that might distract you because it doesn’t seem clean as you eat. If the fabric isn’t big enough, throw it over the table at a diagonal. If you aren’t using a picnic table in a park, take a blanket for the ground. It can help to have a large plastic trash bag or piece of vinyl purchased in a hardware store to lay on the grass or sand with the blanket on top. The picnic can be anything: purchased sandwiches and chips, wine and cheeses with fruits, sodas and pizza, iced tea and leftovers, coffee in a thermos and muffins, something homemade or otherwise. The point is: make the picnic look like you’ve put your own personality into it. 

You don’t live in a beautiful area to have a picnic outdoors? It doesn’t matter where you live. Even putting a picnic on your driveway can be fun and thoroughly intriguing. 

It also doesn’t matter what the weather is—15 degrees below zero or over 120 degrees. Put a blanket on the floor in the middle of your living room, put pillows around to lean on, and spread your picnic in the middle of the floor inside the house. Just make it fun. 

The surprise part goes a long way. I’ve sometimes phoned my husband to see if we can have lunch together (or just met him at his office if I feel it’s appropriate). I’ll either already have all the picnic makings in the trunk of the car so he can’t see it when he gets in, or I might have it all spread out somewhere close and we drive to where I have it set up. The surprise makes him (or her if the husband is doing it for the wife) feel special. Be creative but don’t do it so often that it takes the surprise and fun out of it. 

~ Glenda (gj)  www.wordwardrobe.com  or www.glendaschoonmaker.com

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