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Valentines and Fireworks All Year Long

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Some things can be forgotten; some things can be forgiven. Some things are unforgivable—well, they might “seem” unforgivable. Valentine’s Day is one of those times that people better not forget or a person risks never being forgiven.

However, what’s more fun in life is to find many, many days throughout the year and treat those many days as if they were Valentine’s Day. Plus, (and this is to the guys because women never forget) if you did forget some February 14, you can honestly say, “I just love to treat you like it’s Valentines Day all year long.”

Of course there are loving things you should do to show your Valentine’s appreciation, but one thing that’s fun to do is to stock up on Valentine’s goodies–not the chocolates or they’ll get old (if not eaten first). During January and February stores are filled with cute red bags in glossy paper, cloth drawstring bags with gold hearts, heart tissue papers, heart teddy bears, heart shaped candles to float in drinks, and the list could go on for miles. Plus, on February 15 all this stuff is on sale.

You often can’t find things like this at other times of the year. When I want to create a fun celebration, I have special wrappings and such to help make the message fun. What’s more fun is that Jack doesn’t know about this box of things I have in my craft closet, so don’t tell him.

I also think it’s more fun to be spontaneous and unpredictable to take advantage of serendipitous times for celebrations instead of a calendar date. That’s the Sanguine side of my personality. Yet, it’s also what adds so much fun in a relationship to look for those special times to create celebrations out of nothing. Predictability and doing the same old, same old can be very boring and lead to a ho-hum relationship. Life is fun and we need to treat it more that way.

Consider other holidays such as 4th of July (for the USA). Times like these also have festive items on the market for celebrations. Think about how you could incorporate something like images of fireworks for a surprise event which is tied to nothing special other than you want to celebrate your love for one another.

~ Glenda (gj)

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